Alquimia Organic Tequila is one of only a handful of tequilas certified “organic” by the USDA. The agave plants used for the tequila’s manufacture are nurtured without pesticides or chemicals and is even bottled in specially designed bottles from recycled glass which are hand blown by a family of glass blowers in Mexico.

So, how did this Gold Medal (34 and counting) winning 100% blue agave tequila come to Taste of Ojai? It’s kind of a love story.

Dr. Adolfo Murillo grew up in Ojai, went to Nordhoff High and, after graduating from The School of Optometry at the University of California, Berkley, returned to the area he loved to open his practice in Oxnard. But the real beginning of this love story is when Adolfo fell in love with his wife, Lupe. On their honeymoon in Cancun, they decided to take a side trip to see Adolfo’s grandmother on the family ranch near Arandas. This love story continued when Lupe fell in love with Mama Nachita and the ranch. When Mama passed away in ’92, Adolfo and Lupe kept the ranch in the family and decided to cultivate agave. Adolfo used his background in science (a BA in biological science) and he and Lupe began their farming adventure using organic methods he developed.

Originally they sold their harvests, but in 2004 Lupe thought it was time they had their own tequila brand. They named it Alquimia, Spanish for alchemy – the ancient fantasy of creating gold from common elements. A scientist, such as Alfonso, is like an alchemist, only he turned the fantasy into a reality by creating liquid gold. Even GQ agrees, voting the Murillos’ tequila #1 on its tequila hot list.

Come by the Murillos Taste of Ojai booth and sip this liquid gold made from amor de familia (family love). Salud!

By: Ilona Saari

Alquimia Organic Tequila