The Sespe Creek Collective had its humble beginnings in the kitchen of CEO Chelsea Sutula, where her motto was “Weed for the People.” It was a defiant stance, necessitated by resistance to her idea of bringing safe access to cannabis in Ventura County. But, things have changed greatly, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, the collective is now a model cannabis boutique here in Ojai. Who can resist that?

Chelsea’s credo is to provide a “thoughtfully curated selection of California’s best cannabis to patients in a relaxed, warm and high vibrational setting.” All of her products are lab-tested and labeled in accordance with California regulations. In her shop, customers can find a myriad number of selections for medical or recreational use. Tinctures, salves, and transdermal gel pens share the shelves with cannabis itself, sporting exotic names such as Blue Diesel, Blue Dream, Blue Coyote, Blue Hawaiian (perhaps while listening to Elvis?) Budzilla, and Do-si-Do.

Anyone over 21 with an ID (or over 18 with an ID and a doctor’s recommendation) can buy the Collective’s products for medical use. And for fun? How about Vegan Chocolate Goji Berries, Strawberry Fruit Jellies, Big Pete’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cannabis Love infused chocolates from Lulu’s, chocolate covered blueberries, espresso beans and strawberries. If you prefer a soothing tea, you can relax with some delicious offerings from Kikoko, including a Positive-Tea to cheer you up, a Sensual-Tea for Sex a Tranquili-ta for Sleep and sympa-tea for pain. Something for everyone! And, all of Chelsea’s suppliers take an artisanal approach, preparing delightfully original, hand-crafted recipes using only the finest and purest ingredients.

Stop in at the Sespe Creek Collective table at the Taste of Ojai, where you can taste these four teas (although they will not be infused at the Taste) and a raw vegan cacao from Lulu’s, again, not infused with cannabis, but you can certainly savor a hint of the real thing from the Collective.

By: Ilona Saari

Sespe Creek Collective
408 Bryant Circle
Suite C
Ojai, California 93023