They say all great things come from humble beginnings.

What could be more humble than bringing your first beehive home in the backseat of a 1965 Volkswagen Bug? The year was 1979 and the man bringing the beehive home to his wife and daughter was my Dad, Bob Mearns. He had a passion for beekeeping and a dream to produce the best quality honey possible. Over the next 28 years, we all worked together to fulfill this dream.

We realized we could sell our honey to the local retail establishments and suddenly a name was created…Heavenly Honey. This honey really is quite heavenly. We have always been very careful to treat the honey gently, never overheating as that would dramatically change the delicate flavor. We look at honey a lot like fine wine. It is a direct reflection of the area from which it is produced, the weather, location and floral sources and harvesting all influence the honey’s individual character.

We invite you to take a few moments to look through our website and learn more about our honey and the products we offer.

Thank you for choosing Heavenly Honey. Once you try it, we think you’ll agree….it truly is a little bit Heavenly!

Heavenly Honey
206 East Ojai Avenue
Ojai, CA 93023