Who’s to blame for some of the best tasting craft beers around? Well, according to the brewers themselves, it’s all California’s fault!

Raised in Ventura, two lifelong friends, inspired by the spirit of their home state… a spirit of adventure, creative thinking and a healthy respect for the great outdoors… decided to try their hand at making homemade craft beer.

The adventurous co-founder and CEO Seth Gibson believes in hard work and served as the CFO for a private equity investment company for over eight years. Eventually his entrepreneurial spirit and his love for craft beer led him to seek a new challenge.

A homebrewer for eight years, Mike Morrison returned to Ventura from the craft brew mecca of San Diego to pursue his dream of brewing on a professional level and a partnership was born. A co-founder and head brewer of MadeWest Brewery, Mike is known for his meticulous brewing style and his attention to detail has produced numerous award-winning beers.

Blend Scott Chenoweth into the mix as the brewery’s art and marketing director, and you’ve reached beer company trifecta. Trained in illustration with an emphasis in clean, minimalist design, Scott has launched and directed several publications and specializes in creating unique brand identities. He also hand painted the mural at the MadeWest Taproom.

As you stroll the rolling green lawn of the Ojai Inn & Spa golf course, drop by the MadeWest Taste of Ojai table and enjoy a sample of this hand crafted beer from these California dreamers.


By: Ilona Saari


MadeWest Brewing Company
1744 Donlon Street
Ventura, California 93003