NoSo Vita – Something from nothing creates life.

Everyone loves a love story, and when writing a romantic comedy one of the golden rules is a “meet cute.” Cue Sean and Felicia Mason, owners of NoSo Vita. A Santa Barbara lawyer in need of a para-legal, Sean put an ad on Craig’s List. Felicia applied for the job and, after months working together, they fell in love and married. But, Sean had always dreamed of creating a theater company or coffeehouse where people would come together to hang out, work, muse and mingle, and Felicia dreamed of moving home to Ojai, where she was raised. Their dreams merged, and NoSo Vita, a social café, was born.

Using the Landmark Forum philosophy of living life powerfully and working with AB design studio out of Santa Barbara, Felicia and Sean created a funky, fun and comfortable environment where people can engage each other over a good cup of organic “Fair Trade Coffee.” (Fair Trade coffee farmers allow their farm workers to make a living wage and helps keep their kids in school.)

Not a coffee drinker? NoSo Vita also offers a large selection of teas and bottled drinks.

And, while you’re socializing or creating and want a bite to eat, grab a breakfast pastry or a breakfast taco or a bagel and cream cheese. At lunch time you can enjoy a BLT or a braised chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli or try the kale Caesar salad or the soup of the day. And, don’t forget to express yourself on the Orange Wall while enjoying an espresso or a craft brewed keg coffee on tap.

NoSo Vita will have plenty to offer at Taste of Ojai, so don’t forget to find the spot where the very name itself means to life!

205 N. Signal Street
Ojai, CA 93023