Patty Brown grew up a farm girl outside of Portland, Oregon. Her father was primarily a beef and dairy farmer, but the family also grew their own veggies, had fruit trees and basically lived off the land.

And her mom was an amazing cook. From an early age Patty, like a lot of children, spent time in the kitchen helping her mom make meals and learned to cook in the process. But, unlike many children, Patty cherished every second of it. She loved the slicing and dicing, the baking and roasting and always dreamed of having her own food related business.

A few years ago she started making toffee as Christmas gifts for friends and family. One evening at a friend’s party, her friend raved about Patty’s toffee, telling everyone how addicting it was. One of the guests asked if he could order boxes of her toffee to give as holiday gifts to clients. Boom! A business born! A dream fulfilled!

Having learned farm to table principles from her parents, Patty’s treats have no preservatives and are made with locally grown ingredients whenever possible… organic sugar, hormone free dairy products, pure sea salt, and vanilla made in-house from triple distilled vodka and Beanvilla Madagascar vanilla beans.

Take a toffee break at Taste of Ojai and indulge in some of Patty’s 805 Treats.

By: Ilona Saari

Patty’s 805 Treats