Started by a young couple that met while taking culinary courses, the two share a love of cookies and the goal of making the best tasting cookie possible.

The name was taken from Thacher Road, located in the east end of Ojai, where the cookies, and other baked goods, are made.

Since all the products are baked from home (which is certified under the Cottage Food Law) there is no storefront.

Our cookies may be found in the local stores and coffee shops of Ojai, as well as two locations in Santa Barbara.

What makes our cookies so special? We pride ourselves in making cookies that are deliciously soft and chewy which leave you craving another bite. We take great care in making each and every cookie, ensuring that they turn out perfect.

We use only the necessary ingredients in our cookies which unfortunately translates to a week-long shelf life. But, hey! We don’t think a cookie should be able to last for months on a shelf anyways! A cookie is meant to be enjoyed fresh!

The best way to get our cookies fresh is to order them from us directly. We can deliver freshly baked cookies right to your door!

Phone contact: Tyler Baio  (805) 469-2312