You can gobble up more than desserts at the Artesian of Ojai table, where folks of all ages can nibble on some meatballs while learning about this innovative and engaging venture.

Artesian of Ojai is a new senior living home that’s in the process of being constructed. It’s a place where highly trained caregivers will be called “guides,” who will serve as partners in care as they guide elders through daily routines, from grooming and bathing to various activities. They will also prepare and serve three nutritious meals daily, perform housekeeping duties and support the elders’ every need. In addition, a program designed for those with dementia will offer a holistic approach to mental stimulation and enrichment. Plus, a wellness center will be incorporated into the community, offering programming related to positive aging and purposeful living. Pets are also welcome.

There will be four 16-unit homes, featuring comfortable private living spaces that surround beautifully appointed living, dining and activity rooms.
It’s called the Artesian because of Ojai’s long relationship with life enhancing water. And when talking about water, sustainability is very important. At the Artesian, a state of the art water recycling system will use gray water for landscape irrigation and a solar system to heat the pool. Plus, the owners fulfill their commitment to water neutrality by replacing plumbing fixtures and landscaping at Meiners Oaks Elementary School and Nordhoff High School to balance the area’s water usage.

Drop by the Artesian of Ojai table where you can learn more about this new approach to senior living. Try some meatballs and you’ll learn how the place was designed to feel just like home.

By: Ilona Saari

The Artesian of Ojai
203 E. Roblar Drive
Ojai, California 93023