Kate Komaiko grew up in Ojai and, like many daughters (and sons) since the discovery of fire, she sat at her mother’s feet (well, not literally) and watched her cook in the kitchen.  Kate loved the smells and sounds (chopping, sizzling) of food being prepared.  So much so that when she got her first job at age fifteen, it was in the food service industry.  By nineteen she was in culinary school in Santa Barbara.  She continued to live in Santa Barbara for ten years after school, “making her bones” by working in restaurants, catering companies and as a private chef.

Four years ago and settled back in Ojai, Kate began a new cooking chapter when she started White Sage Catering, specializing in elegant rustic cuisine.  Her love of travel, combined with Ojai’s “farm to table” resources of seasonal organic sustainable ingredients resulted in her company’s slogan, “Local ingredients, International inspiration.”  Menus range from French to Italian, Japanese to Mexican, tapas to BBQs, and more.

White Sage provides drop-off style service to plated events with a full staff and rental coordination.  Kate is fortunate to work with a talented crew of local chefs who maintain the detail required for a truly delicious dining experience, whether you have a guest list of 300 or hosting a small dinner party.

Going to see a concert at the Libbey Bowl?  Off to watch your child play baseball?  Just want to have a picnic in one of Ojai’s beautiful parks?  Check out White Sage’s brunch, lunch and dinner boxes.

And, while you’re at Taste of Ojai, make sure White Sage Catering in on your to-do page.

By:  Ilona Saari