Live Music & Dancing

This years event features Ojai’s very own Crooked Eye Tommy. Check him out at

Silent Auction

Spoil yourself or a loved one by picking up some very special gourmet items, unique local art & Ojai adventures.

Local Food, Beer & Wine Vendors

Check out our 2016 line up of local vendors below to get an idea of what you should be excited about.

Taste of East End Restaurant & Bar

What’s a girl to do when she’s in Chicago on business and tries to steal a cab from a charming Brit, also in Chicago on business? She gives him her card! He returns the favor. So began the [...]

Taste of Mandala

A bit of Tibetan cuisine, a dash of Japanese and a sprinkle of Indian and you’ll discover Mandala, a “tickle your taste buds” restaurant founded by Dolkar Tso.

Taste of Boccali’s

DeWayne Boccali’s grandfather emigrated to Santa Barbara in 1898 from Lucca, Italy bringing with him a treasure trove of family recipes. Inspired by these recipes, DeWayne brought them to life at [...]

Taste of Madewest Brewing Company

Who’s to blame for some of the best tasting craft beers around? Well, according to the brewers themselves, it’s all California’s fault! Raised in Ventura, two lifelong friends, inspired by the [...]

Taste of Agave Maria’s Restaurant & Cantina

In 2010, motivated to recapture a piece of Ojai history, the Trudeau family restored the old house that had been for over thirty years, the legendary Antonio’s restaurant. Abandoned in the 90’s, [...]

Taste of Topa Mountain Winery

For years, Pasadena native Larry Guerra’s passion for tennis drew him to Ojai’s annual world class tennis tournament, so when he decided to retire from the mutual fund arena, he journeyed north, [...]

Taste of The Deer Lodge

Ojai’s historic Deer Lodge started in 1932 as a grocery store/gas station for locals and wayward travelers and over the decades morphed into the iconic restaurant it is today. The new young [...]

Taste of Majestic Oak Vineyard

Majestic Oak Vineyard is a family affair, the property of which was bought by their grandparents back in 1967. It all began with the Gentry-Gustafson family a few generations ago. Grandfather [...]

Taste of The Sanger Family of Wines

Isn’t it amazing how one movie helped change an entire wine-tasting region? Twelve years after “Sideways” was released, “Sideways” tasting tours are still one of the hottest tickets in the Santa [...]