Live Music & Dancing

This years event features Ventura’s very own Splntrz.
Check them out at

Silent Auction

Spoil yourself or a loved one by picking up some very special gourmet items, unique local art & Ojai adventures.

Local Food, Beer & Wine Vendors

Check out our 2017 line up of local vendors below to get an idea of what you should be excited about.

Eggs ‘N’ Potatoes

It’s a family affair! And that family is the Orozcos. The Orozcos, who have been in the restaurant business for many years, owned restaurants in neighboring towns such as Carpenteria and [...]

Ojai Valley Brewery

Since its beginning The Ojai Valley has been, as it is today, a sanctuary for those whom are Revolutionary By Nature, and have a mission to respectfully create an alternative standard for [...]

Revel - Kombucha Bar

Kombuchas are in the house, folks! Revel’s “house.” Well, that sounds wonderful, but what exactly is a kombucha? Kombuchas are drinks made with fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black [...]

Heavenly Honey

They say all great things come from humble beginnings. What could be more humble than bringing your first beehive home in the backseat of a 1965 Volkswagen Bug? The year was 1979 and the man [...]


From starters to leaves & roots (translation: salads) to Watkins grass-fed burgers to half a hen or a lightly seared salmon, Ojai Harvest, located in the heart of downtown Ojai, is a [...]

Taste of East End Restaurant & Bar

What’s a girl to do when she’s in Chicago on business and tries to steal a cab from a charming Brit, also in Chicago on business? She gives him her card! He returns the favor. So began the [...]

Taste of Mandala

A bit of Tibetan cuisine, a dash of Japanese and a sprinkle of Indian and you’ll discover Mandala, a “tickle your taste buds” restaurant founded by Dolkar Tso.

Taste of Boccali’s

DeWayne Boccali’s grandfather emigrated to Santa Barbara in 1898 from Lucca, Italy bringing with him a treasure trove of family recipes. Inspired by these recipes, DeWayne brought them to life at [...]

Taste of Topa Mountain Winery

For years, Pasadena native Larry Guerra’s passion for tennis drew him to Ojai’s annual world class tennis tournament, so when he decided to retire from the mutual fund arena, he journeyed north, [...]